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Wheels Helping Warriors - Vehicle Donation Program

Gift Your Old Wheels for Good. Your donated vehicle can go far in helping severely injured veterans. Donations are sold at auction, whether they run or not, with proceeds going to help provide jobs, benefits, and care for severely injured veterans and their families. Be sure your title is on hand. Fill out the online form at or call (866) 841-2023 to schedule your pickup today. it’s free and easy, and you may also receive a tax break, too!


What's Happening

VA Announces Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences ('CARE') Act; Replaces Current '30-Day/40 Mile' System with Patient/Provider-centric Decision-making. 


Oct. 16, 2017

*VA Announces Veterans Coordinated Access *

*& Rewarding Experiences (‘CARE’) Act*

*Replaces Current ‘30-day/40-mile’ System *

*With Patient/Provider-centric Decision-making *

*WASHINGTON* — Today, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
announced that it has presented the House and Senate Veterans Affairs
Committees with the administration’s draft proposal of the Veterans
Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences (CARE) Act, designed to improve
Veterans’ experiences with and access to health care, building on the best
features of VA’s existing community care programs and strengthening VA’s
ability to furnish care in its facilities.

In order to meet Veterans’ needs quickly and in a way that is easy to
understand, the bill aims to:

- Clarify and simplify eligibility requirements,
- Set the framework for VA to continue to build a high-performing
- Streamline clinical and administrative processes,
- Implement new care coordination support for Veterans, and
- Merge and modernize community care programs.

“We want Veterans to work with their VA physicians to make informed
decisions that are best for their clinical needs, whether in the VA or in
the community, and this bill does just that, while strengthening VA
services at the same time,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin.

The bill would replace the current wait-time and distance eligibility
criteria under the Choice Program (“30-day/40-mile”) with criteria that:

- Place the Veteran and his or her physician at the center of the
decision process on how and where to get the best care available,
- Ensure VA is improving medical facilities and staffing levels to meet
Veterans’ needs in areas where VA care is substandard, and
- Offer options for Veterans to use a network of walk-in clinics for
minor illnesses and injuries.

The CARE Act also includes:

- Proposals for new workforce tools to assist in maintaining and
strengthening VA’s world-class medical staff,
- A number of business process enhancements to improve financial
management of the Community Care program,
- Provisions that would strengthen VA’s ability to partner with other
federal agencies and streamline VA’s real property management authorities.


The PVA Membership Application and the Certification of Membership Eligibility Form have now been merged in to one document. The Membership/Certification Application form will officially go into effect June 15, 2016.
All applicants must now submit a copy of the following documents with the Membership/Certification Application:
  • Proof of U.S. or U.S. Territorial Citizenship (Birth Certificate, Passport, INS Form, or Voter’s Registration Form). **Original passport must be seen before being copied.
  • DD214 showing character of discharge. **No longer accepting VA Medical Services Card.
  • Medical Evidence of spinal cord injury or involvement (medical records or physician’s statement). **Medical evidence will be reviewed by Medical Services for determination of membership eligibility.

Please note that the applicant has the option to not be certified (check box on page 2), however, the required documents must still be submitted with the application.
Current members who joined using the old membership application and wish to be certified must complete the Membership/Certification Application form and provide the required documents. Requests for certification only, can bypass the membership department and emailed directly to Larry Dodson,

Keep Better Track of Your VA Health Information Online

Back in 2013 VA became the first nationwide healthcare system to offer patient access to all clinical notes. Veterans with a Premium My HealtheVet account can easily access their clinical visit notes (VA Notes). 

Through HealtheVet you can:

Keep Up with All of Your VA Appointments
Refilll Your Prescriptions
Secure Message With Your VA Healthcare Team

All online at

Paralyzed Veterans of America Supporter Ben Affleck

Looking to enjoy some accessible outdoor activities? Check out the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wounded Warrior and Veteran Outreach Program page for information on parks, camping, and events across the state and nearby.

If you're interested, you should also check out the Department's State Park Passes page for information on how you can obtain your "Universal Disability Pass" which doesn't require renewal and gets you free access to day-use sites for life.


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