Since 1946, Paralyzed Veterans of America has been on a mission to change lives and build brighter futures for our seriously injured heroes. We’ve had a single-minded mission—to empower our brave men and women to regain what they fought for: their freedom and independence.

Paralyzed Veterans was originally founded by a band of service members who came home from World War II with spinal cord injuries. They returned to a grateful nation, but also to a world with few solutions to the major challenges they faced.

These wounded heroes made a decision not just to live, but to live with dignity as contributors to society. They created Paralyzed Veterans of America, an organization dedicated to serving veterans—and to medical research, advocacy and civil rights for all people with disabilities.

Accessibility Needs Program

Unique to the Colonial Chapter is the accessibility needs program which is vital to the paralyzed and disabled communities because it provides much needed aids for independent living; such as ramps, wheelchair home and bathroom modifications, vehicle modifications, wheelchairs, walkers and much more. These items are provided to individuals who are of low income and cannot afford the items or modifications they desperately need. The goal of this program is to ensure that all persons with disabilities, regardless of their veteran/non-veteran status, will receive what they need.

There is an application process, and financial guidelines must be met in order to qualify for this program.

Cooperation with other agencies is often possible and helps reduce the costs to the program, enabling more individuals to be helped. Colonial PVA is proud that this is part of our chapter programs and of the positive effect on the quality of life of many individuals.